Annual fundraiser & demonstration

Help Us Celebrate the Sacredness and Sanctity of Human Life

     Our organization is holding its 1st annual fundraising event August 17, 2019 and are seeking donations, volunteers, and sponsors. 

     Our Fundraising Goal this year is $75,000. This will allow us to create our first Ecologically Self Sustaining Community Outreach Center which will include 2-5 acres of quality land on which we will build a Temple/Community Gathering Space, Prayer Garden, Food/Herb Garden, and 3-7 single earth huts for birthing/private supplication.

     During our annual demonstration we are asking the community to support us by marching with flowers and decorating their gardens with our flowers. Each flower will be made of Painted Aluminum, including purple petals to represent the life of a mother

and a gold center to represent the life of a child. Flowers will be sold at a rate of $12 per flower, $30 for 3 flower bouquets, and $99 for dozen flower bouquets.


     We will also be selling souvenirs with The Birth Guru Logo, March of Flowers 2019 branding, and the Logos submitted from our sponsors.  Those souvenirs will include (but not limited to) T-shirts, Pens, Tote bags, Hats, and Notebooks. Prices TBD

A Gift of Knowledge

We will be holding workshops after the Mark/Walk in order to provide necessary knowledge and information to the public that will enable our communities to best deal with the harsh reality of losing so many precious lives and prevent such in  the future.  

Our workshop facilitators/speakers are dedicated community activists and experts volunteering their time and expertise for this cause.  You can learn more about them below.  Recommended (Optional) donation to attend workshops $30.

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Each Flower represents the Life of a Mother and the Life of a Child

Please help us raise awareness, reach our goals, and celebrate life by purchasing a Birth Flower! 

Each flower is hand made with Aluminum foil and painted by hand with Acrylic paints.  Purple represents the honor of Motherhood while Gold represents the precious life of a new soul.  

Our Founder, Godis Nanu, created this flower initially as a memoir for all the lives lost due to medical neglect, misinformation, and systemic genocide during the birth and postpartum period.  "Soldiers should Never be Forgotten" she says.

This year in August many will be walking in silent solidarity with her and her family at the March of Flowers, holding these Birth Flowers.  Others across the nation will be putting them on display in their homes, gardens, and flower pots. In doing so we hope to raise awareness of the current crises denoted by the current IMR and MMR in the USA as well as raise the necessary funds to provide women with the education and sacred space needed to equip them to fight the good fight towards bringing about new life.

We hope that you will join us in step and celebration, this year and each year to come, by purchasing and displaying Birth Flowers of your own.  Each individual Flower is $12, Bouquets of 3 are $30, and a Dozen Flower Bouquet is $99.

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How you can get involved

We are Seeking Donations, Volunteers, Vendors & Sponsors

We are asking Volunteers to help with the following:

· Solicitation of Donations & Sponsors

· Organization of Volunteer Crafting

· Crafting of flowers

· Door to Door Flower Sales

· Distribution of Flowers and Flyers

· Event Crowd Control/ Guides

· Membership Building

All Volunteers will be rewarded monetarily as well as with souvenirs according to their level of service to our organization.  Please Read our Request for Volunteers to Get Started.

We are seeking donations for the following materials: 

  • · Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil 75 sq ft
  • · Reg Aluminum Foil 
  • ·Perfect Purple Acrylic Paint 
  • · Metallic Pure Gold Acrylic Paint 
  • · Evergreen Acrylic Paint 
  • · 18 Gauge Green Cloth Stem Wire  
  • · Palm Tree Fibers 
  • CoolTool Kit (Low Temp Glue Gun)
  • Water Bottles (for day of event)

We plan to show our appreciation for all donations with a Logo/Name mention on our website.  Please read our Request for Donations to Get Started.

We are offering Sponsorship Opportunities at $500, $1k, $5k, $10k, & $25k levels.  Please read our Sponsorship Letter for more information and to Get Started.

There are a LIMITED NUMBER of Vending OpportunitiesAvailable.  

      $25 for non food vendors, $50 for food trucks,  $10/table rental.  Free for first food vendor. Please call to reserve your spot NOW. 870.662.1552

Can I just send money?

Yes! We accept monetary donations. via credit/debit card, check, money order, & CashAp.  Please click the link below to use a credit/debit card.  Please contact us for other forms of payment.


Flyer Distribution

You will find a copy of our current flyer below for volunteer Printing and Distribution.  Thank you for your contribution.

2019 Flyer (jpg)


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Become a Sponsor, Donate, and/or Volunteer

Sponsorship Letter (pdf)


Request For Donations (pdf)


Request For Volunteers (pdf)